Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Visual Learning (Part 2)

More visual cues in the classroom! My students work from a full day schedule in order to ensure that they know what is coming up in their day, and this helps to decrease anxiety and promote independence. One of my non-reading students uses a picture schedule with verbal prompts, and my other student uses a written schedule.
  Picture schedule with verbal prompts:

Written schedule with choices
We found that by giving my student a "choice" as to which program he wanted to complete, negative and non-compliant behaviors decreased greatly. Choices (even the simplest of choices) empower the student, and we make sure that we present a choice to this student in every situation possible. All of the selections on the right are programs that he is working on, so even though he is picking which activity he will do next, we have control over what activities he is doing.

He also completes an independent activity schedule, and is up to 20 activities. This schedule is an application on his ipod called Taptodo (free)
He is able to transition independently to each activity (the activity must be previously mastered so that he will not need help from an instructor or parent) and he is also able to reward himself as he completes the schedule. After he collects five checks on a check board, he is able to earn a break. The app is great, because it allows you to type in an activity, and place a check mark next to it after completion.

And lastly, my staff and I could not function without our own schedule! During one-to-one instruction, my staff and I are on a rotating schedule, and take turns completing activities and programs with our students. I made a schedule that sits in the front of my desk, and it has the day broken down into half hour increments. Each student name is on top of the schedule (not shown) and under their name tags are the names of each staff member that will be working with them, or special services that they may have that day.

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