Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo!

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, and to help my students understand what the holiday means, I made a social story on my favorite program, Boardmaker. For the reading comprehension component, I created easy multiple choice questions. I love Boardmaker because it literally has thousands of images to use, and my students often learn best with lots of visuals. I love how the program also gives the option of pairing a picture with each word, making it easier for my non- readers. Here is what I created:

Hopefully you can read it, and not sure why Ireland was the only country with a visual. Oh well!
Here is a last minute super easy taco/burrito craft using strips of colored construction paper (yellow for cheese, red circles for tomatoes, green for lettuce, and brown for meat) and a lighter color brown circle for taco shell. Felt probably would have looked better but it was a last minute thing :) have students glue on the paper then fold it up and glue into a taco.

Here is a simple cutting and gluing project. Students can work on fine motor skills with the cutting and gluing, and letter matching. Found the worksheet on Boardmaker share, just search Cinco de Mayo.

Lastly, a guacamole recipe from Boardmaker share. My class did not get around to making it this year; however with my class of picky eaters and special diets, I think I would have ended up eating all of it anyway!

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