Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Victory Garden!

For one of our monthly field trips, we were able to visit the Wayne Auto Spa. Another teacher's husband owns this car wash, but it's not just your average run of the mill car wash! This car wash runs its very own " Victory Garden" along with a chicken coop, and is home to Prim, the bunny. Crops produced from the garden help supply food and raise money to neighbors in need, such as the local flood relief centers. Veggies grown at the auto spa include peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic and celery. 

The owner quizzed the students on the life cycle of a plant, then had each student plant a pepper plant. 

 Pepper planting!

 The students were also allowed to feed Miss Prim, the bunny. 

And check out the coop! They looked happy to see us...

Somehow a squishy ball that my student squeezes for sensory input ended up accidentally thrown into the chicken coop. The owner was not happy. I believe his exact words were, "Throwing an item like this into a chicken coop is NEVER a good idea". Sorry!! It was completely accidental, but apparently never a good idea. 

On another note, look how tall garlic grows! I had no idea...(front left)

Last, we got to check out the car wash in action, from start to finish. 

All in all, it was a pretty educational trip! Leave the squishy balls at home.

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip (minus the squishy ball incident)! =O)